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Wheatgrass Growing Guide - Using OceanSolution 2-0-3

Grow Your Way to Health!

The OceanGrown Method for

Growing Wheat Grass at Home

Why Grow Wheatgrass at Home?

Without doubt, one of the most simple and least expensive ways for an individual to enhance his or her health is to grow and juice wheatgrass at home. All wheatgrass, when cut about 7-8” high, is nutritious—even when it is grown on a synthetic bed and watered with plain water. When wheatgrass is watered for 7-9 days with OceanGrown’s OceanSolution 2-0-3, the grass (and the resulting juice) has been found to contain more of the 90+ minerals found in nature than any other vegetable we’re aware of. OceanSolution 2-0-3 brings to plants the same natural balance of major and trace elements found in all oceans of the world. By attaching a carbon atom to each mineral the inorganic minerals are then transformed by the grass into an organic form, making them bio-available to the human body.

What You’ll Need to Get Started

Nothing could be easier than growing wheatgrass at home. These instructions will help you get started with a proven method which you can then adjust as you get comfortable with growing your own grass. Here’s what you’ll need:

•Raw, whole wheat berries (we use Hard red spring or winter wheat berries)

• OceanSolution 2-0-3

•A minimum of two 14” x 18” cafeteria trays (or a similar substitute)