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Our Certifications

What Sets Us Apart

OceanSolution PURE is OMRI Listed For Organic Use 

The OMRI Listed® Seal assures the suitability of products for certified organic production, handling, and processing under the following conditions:

  • For certified organic farmers, the product must be included in the operator's approved organic system (farm) plan.

  • Product use must be in accordance with any restrictions described in the OMRI Products List© under the product's category. 

Also, OMRI recommends that users of OMRI Listed products follow these suggestions:

  • Many product or manufacturer names are similar. Check to make sure that both product and manufacturer names on the label match the listing in the OMRI Products List.

  • Apply the product according to instructions or purpose on the label, and in accordance with any restrictions indicated in the OMRI Products List.

  • Guard against the possibility of environmental contamination and negative ecological impacts.

  • Handle products with care for the safety of the workers involved.

  • Contact the manufacturer about a product's efficacy, health and environmental effects.

Made in America

We take pride in knowing we are contributing to our environment and our economy. OceanSolution™ fertilizers are ALWAYS manufactered in America with strict organic regualtion!

Environmentally Friendly

We always want to emphazie the importance of environmentally friendly products and are happy to ONLY offer just that. OceanSolution™ has no chemicals or toxins of any kind making it 100% sustainble, safe for animals and the environment! There are no chemicals or toxins of any kind!

Locally Owned

Part of what makes any community great is how well it is  preserved. OceanGrown, Inc is dignified in being a local Fort Pierce Business to help preserve our environment!

Hippocrates Health Instituion

One of our greatest affiliates is Hippocrates Health Institue! They are built upon the importance of health and nutritional counseling. One of their most popular programs incorporates OceanSolution™ is the crucial ingredient to their top-of-the-line alkaline elixirs such as fresh pressed organic wheatgrass!

Green Plus Certified

Green Plus fosters a new generation of sustainability leaders. Its mission is to develope a common understanding of sustainability principles across cultures.

Organic Trade Association

"The Organic Trade Association's mission is to promote and protect ORGANIC with a unifying voice that serves and engages its diverse members from farm to marketplace. OTA's vision is to grow ORGANIC to achieve excellence in agriculture and commerce, protect the environment and enhance community well-being."

Halal Certfied

Halal Certification ensures that products meet the requirements of Islamic law and are therefore suitable for both Muslims and non Muslims alike.

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