OceanSolution™ PURE brings natural fertility to growers of all kinds in the most unadulterated form possible, through deep ocean water. It is manufactured using a trademarked, proprietary method developed solely by our founder and president, John Hartman, in order to bring the vision of Dr. Maynard Murray to the marketplace. 
OceanSolution™ PURE is the base to our other fertilizer solutions. It is comprised of all 90 naturally occurring ocean minerals in full spectrum and is in liquid form for better absorption. OceanSolution™ PURE is perfect for fertilizer bans and the environmentally friendly grower! OMRI listed for Organic Use!


OceanSolution™ 2-0-3 brings naturally fertility to the next level. We take our OceanSolution™ PURE and infuse it with added Nitrogen and Potassium that is organically sourced. This allows your plants to readily absorb more micro and macro nutrients for a boost in growth, health and nutrition. It also restores depleted soils with a release of vital nutrients our soils have lost over the years. Great for hydroponic growing as well! No stains or clogging of systems. OMRI listed for Organic Use!

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