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Organic Wheatgrass and Sprouting

OceanGrown organic sprouts and organic wheatgrass are nutrient dense plant foods that are high in vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids, antioxidants, enzymes, and phytonutrients. They increase vitality and energy, prevent premature aging, boost the immune system, and they help prevent and reverse disease. When you eat OceanGrown organic sprouts they taste delicious and satisfying. You receive all your essential nutrients in a small quantity of food. 

Sprouting with OceanSolution provides year round quality and nutritional benefits in a few days that you expect from growing the full size plants over a period of weeks or months. Organic sprouts are the ideal supplement-The food of the future. They are economical, ecological, low in calories/fat, easy to store, fast and easy to grow, tasty and versatile. 

The tiny root hairs on sprouts can absorb only nutrients that have been broken down into inorganic, water soluble forms. OceanSolution, an inorganic crystalloid solution, provides the trace and ultra trace nutrients wheatgrass and sprouts need to maximize their genetic potential.

OceanSolution Wheatgrass Organic Fertilization Review 

 "The grass even felt different when I cut it.  The juice doesn't smell and while it doesn't taste like my favorite chocolate sweet, the taste is totally different.  It doesn't have the strong green flavor and doesn't smell." 

Download Wheatgrass Growing Tips For OceanSolution Pure - Here

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OceanSolution 2-0-3
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OceanSolution Pure

 OceanSolution 2-0-3

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