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The Earth's ocean is the only source where the known elements are in a perfectly balanced solution. The following table contains all elements found in seawater that were considered by Dr. Murray to be essential for plant, animal and human health.

Until now, soil and hydroponics growers have normally used fertilizers and nutrient solutions based on only three major elements: nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, more commonly known as NPK. More recently, the agricultural and scientific community has begun to recognize the importance of micronutrients so that progressive growers utilize up to 16 elements in their plant nutrient applications.

However, pure unadulterated seawater contains 90+ elements in an inorganic crystalloid solution ready to be absorbed by a plant’s roots. Although conventional science has not yet discovered all the benefits, it is only a matter of time before all of the elements will be considered essential or at least beneficial by plant physiologists.

For instance, micronutrients (required by plants in trace amounts) can be described as the catalysts that activate enzymes. They play a specific role in plant growth, development and yield. Dr. Murray discovered that the relative ratios between each and every element remain the same regardless of 1) the ocean from which a sample is sourced and 2) the degree of extraction. It is these relative ratios that are so crucial to the proper balance in OceanSolution® and facilitates the optimal nutrient uptake by plants.




Elements Breakdown Chart- Sea Water Concentrations PPM

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*While these elements were thought to exist on Earth during its formation they have never been found and can only be produced in a particle accelerator and disappear as fast as they are produced (they do occur naturally in stars). This is why OceanGrown always refers to the 90 natural elements and not the 92 most people are taught in high school.

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