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The Revolution

The OceanSolution Revolution

Everyone on is looking for a better solution to our current agricultural practices; it is the American way, neigh the human way. We are always looking for improvement, gaining more knowledge about the earth and how to make it work for us and with us, not against us. We are solution based thinkers with faith that there is a better way, always striving for excellence. Today we are faced with an impending crisis...

We need food to sustain life and we need to respect the planet and tend to it lovingly as it gives to us; we are obligated to give back. Currently, humans are starving, obesity is on the rise, and food is plentiful. How can we say those three things in the same sentence? How is it possible that we can be starving and obese, or have a surplus of food and starvation? It is simple. In our constant drive for excellence and our charitable nature to solve the problem of world hunger we have over produce, stripped our lands in the process, and solved modern agricultural problems through the use of chemical propagation. Our schools don’t teach the principles of agriculture any more, all we learn is that we need to balance our check books before we go to the grocery store. We have not been informed that the largest mass mining project has been going on behind the scenes. Simple math explains it. Every plant needs minerals, soils contain those minerals, the plant consumes those minerals, and then we consume those plants and/or the animals that consume those plants. So every time we eat a carrot we have taken something from the soil and what have we put back. Typically we are putting back fertilizer, consisting of 3-9 minerals. But what happens when a tomato is grown on three minerals when it needs 56 to be a healthy tomato? Well, the tomato still grows, but not as healthy, and when we eat that food that is grown on malnourished soil we become malnourished, as well. Thus, people are starving on starved food sources, and people are eating more poor quality food to compensate for their cravings for nutrients and are gaining weight in unhealthy amounts

Furthermore, because of the advancements in chemical agriculture, there is a surplus of this nutrient poor food. Thus, we are literally starving to death, while eating more and producing more than ever. OceanSolution is quite literally ‘The Solution’, it gives back to the earth all of the nutrients we have taken. It is the best form of Sea Energy Agriculture and a continuation of Doctor Maynard Murrays years of reasearch. There are no chemical draw backs, this is a solution produced by nature for us to capitalize. We can work smart not hard and use less expensive and potentially harmful products. OceanGrown’s OceanSolution gives our plants and animals a fighting chance at protecting themselves against everything from weather to pests. How do you think plants survived before chemical fertilizers? They were strong and healthy and protected themselves. We just need to give them the tools, rather the nutrients, to defend themselves. This will reduce things like toxic run off and the use of harsh chemical pesticides. Food will have a longer shelf life and less will be wasted. People will be able to eat less and feel satisfied and healthy. And we can once again start exporting the highest quality food to those nations that need it. 

So join the revolution, spread the word, and use OceanSolution. Together we can make a difference and literally change the world one drop at a time!

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