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OceanSolution Home & Garden is an Organic Mineral Rich Fertilizer that is made from pure deep ocean  minerals. It has added Nitrogen and Potassium to help with growth and molasses to stimulate microbes to restore depleted soils. Great for use in landscapes.

See below for Quick mixing reference guide.

For Use On
  • Lawns
  • Shrubs - Ornamentals
  • Flowering Plants
  • Pots & Planters
  • Trees
  • Used on roots or soil
  • Easily mixed in water with no staining
  • Derived from ALL NATURAL SOURCES
  • Positive environmental impact

Directions of Use:

Stir or shake well before using
For Houseplants and Flowers: Mix 1oz OS H&G™ with 1 gallon clean water and lightly spray your plant foliage or soil.  Retreat every 7-14 days.

For Landscapes: Mix 15 ounces of OS H&G™ 3-0-3 concentrate in 5 gallons of water to treat a 5,000 sq ft lawn. Each gallon ready to use will treat 1000 sq ft. Retreat every 4 weeks throughout the growing season. 



PDF Downloads:    Label  MSDS  Quick Mixing Chart  OMRI Certificate

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