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Remineralize Imperative

The Re-Mineralizing Imperative
When plants were CREATED- soil used to have every element on the chart! We've found a way to harvest all 90 elements on the chart and when you dilute with clean water our plant nutrient 100 to 1 (Certified for ORGANIC production) you can put all that original magic back in your fruits, vegetables, crops, lawn, garden and forage grasses. Not only will your plants be healthy, but, long before medical doctors, healthy plants were the world's best medicines.
Deficits are THE ROOT of DISEASE- Plant, Animal and Human
We are now 80+ years into a failed experiment. A post-World War 1 decision by industrialists, lamenting the loss of income from closed armament factories, resulted in the re-channeling of those tools of war (ammonium nitrate, etc) to the farming sector. However, the "new deal" -the "crop in the bag" campaign, which unleashed the chemical farming revolution on an unsuspecting farming community in Europe and the US early in the last century, was not some sort of thoroughly researched scientific advancement. It was solely about money and profits and it turned out to be an easy sell. Chemical nitrogen produces rapid growth, and in 1920 there was little indication that a soil strip-mining operation was under way, a long-lasting operation that would eventually strip our soils of their capacity to sustain a healthy population in a farming culture that has come to measure success only in yield and not in the health or quality of the product.

However, this is where we find ourselves at the dawn of a new century and a new millennium. We are in the midst of a disease plague, where some form of insidious disease such as cancer will now strike one out of every two of us at some stage during our lifetimes. Besides cancer, coronary artery disease, arthritis, diabetes and asthma* are just some of the degenerative diseases running rampant in modern society to degrees unimagined in prior generations. Science may have increased our life spans by a decade, but we are in ailing people for whom an ever-increasing armory of drugs is needed to manage our multiple disease symptoms. The vicious cycle of chemical dependency is mirrored in agriculture. Our 80-plus-year chemical experiment should have taught us one thing that relates to both human and soul health: chemicals and drugs, for the most part treat only symptoms. They very rarely offer cures, as they do not address the cause of the problem. Chemicals beget chemicals in both arenas; the more chemicals you pour on your crop to treat pest and disease, history has shown, the more chemicals you will need to retain control. Nutrition is the missing link in both situations. Poor nutrition is the cause of most human and animal disease and it is also the source of pest, weed and disease pressure in crops. Every living cell (microbe, plant, animal or human) needs up to all 90 naturally-ocurring minerals from the periodic table for maximum efficiency. Our chemical Ag-Culture using high-leaching fertilizers, has allowed hundreds of years of harvesting and thousands of years of run-off to almost completely eliminate the mineral content from our soils. In a short period we have largely managed to destroy our soils, and, if civilization is to survive or control the current epidemic of modern diseases, these serious deficiencies are the most urgent problem we need to address NOW.

Good health and happiness are obvious high-priority goals of human existance; the two are inextricably linked. If you have health problems you cannot have a feeling of well-being or happiness. Understanding the role of minerals in the health/happiness equation really requires thoughtful consideration of God's trinity of protons, neutrons and electrons, created out of nothing. Using these bits of original matter in various quantities and configurations, He created all that scientists have been able to learn, including the 92 elements of the periodic table with which He built all else. He also created all else that science has yet to discover. For life and blood of animals and humans, He created a special balanced blend of ALL the elements, a blend that is reflected nearly exactly only in chlorophyll and seawater. All the world's original soils were sufficiently rich in minerals to sustain plant, animal and human life without recorded disease for thousands of years!

Some conception of the mineral density of original plant-life can be gained when considering the animal life sustained by these plants. The mighty thunder lizard (or Brontosaurus) weighed in at an estimated 70 tons, and yet this creature had a mouth roughly the same size as that of a horse. Any good livestock manager will be aware of nutritional parallels. Nitrate packed hay grown in deficient soils is required in much larger amounts than a higher quality, more nutritious product, to achieve comparable animal weight gains. The Brontosaurus gazed on plant-life with 30 times higher mineral content enabling his enormous size with such limited intake capacity.

The essential aspect to understand about his mineral density was that it involved all 90 naturally-occurring-on-earth minerals, not the 17 minerals usually involved in fertility analysis on the three minerals (N-P-K) contained in common and inadequate fertilizer blends. All ninety minerals were included in God's original life cells and the human body and mind still require each and every one of them to operate at peak efficiency. The key point here is that ONLY plant-derived mineral colloids, which are organic, are that is required to sustain optimum human and animal health and disease resistance. Inorganic minerals have a 98% bioavailability. This is why good health simply cannot bypass plant life. Or, to say it another way, this is the reason that manufactured chemical vitamins in a bottle cannot replace eating healthy foods. Both soil-based agriculture and hydroponics have roles to play in the mass production of food. But life-enhancing and disease-conquering food of the future will not contain the absolutely necessary mineral diversity unless the source plants are fed from God's great reservoir of all ninety minerals. Plant health is the major factor in human health.

OceanSolution from OceanGrown is not simply organic fertilizer, which only replaces the toxins in common fertilizers, but complete plant and animal nutrition. It contains all 90 elements from the periodic table that created our ecology, not just the 3-6 listed on the fertilizer bag. It has been proven to create stronger disease-and-insect-resistant plant with far better taste and lower cost and to improve the human immune system... OceanSolution supplies these minerals to all plants and grasses wherever and however grown, and is "the path to health for plants and those who grow and eat them."

In regard to human health, there is an increasing awareness in the general community that things are not as they should be. While nearly everyone is concerned about their personal health, there is a growing acceptance that one's health is a personal responsibility that must be dealt with on a personal level. This was not true 50 years ago. Vitamin, mineral and nutritional supplements are the huge growth industry of the late nineteen-nineties and continuing to date. Recently, it was announced that, for the first time ever, a greater percentage of the Australian health dollar was spent on natural health and supplements than on conventional doctors and drugs. The medical community there is in an uproar- The medical community, world-wide, feels threatened by what they perceive as patients "self prescribing" in the face of medical science.

What's fascinating about this posture is that each of us in responsible for our own personal health and we go to doctors for "assistance". The reason for this conflict is simple: Doctors believe we are not qualified to take care of ourselves but, the mainstream medical community has never been instructed in nutrition. Medical schools are largely funded by the drug companies so most of the medicine is centered on 'prescribing' for symptoms rather than improving the human immune system which, from the beginning, has a history of mending itself when properly fed. This warning was sounded and ignored more than 20 years ago.

"Sea Energy Agriculture", the science that Dr. Murray uncovered lay largely dormant during the next 20 years until a dedicated effort was initiated to rescue this essential knowledge from oblivion.

In 1985 in the US the prestigious National Research Council published its report on "Nutritional Education in US Medical Schools". The council concluded, "Nutritional education programs in US medical schools are largely inadequate to meet the present and future demands of the medical profession". When we look back and study medical history we find that most of the serious diseases that are exploding today did not exist 300 to 800 years ago. Not because we didn't have the medical know-how to detect it but because the symptoms didn't exist and, so, weren't reported in history. This institutionalized knowledge gap is no different in any other developed country. Modern conventional medicine has always had an anti-nutritional bias. The medical establishment has resisted acknowledging the role of nutritional deficiency as the causes of hundreds of diseases for centuries. A long, hard fight was involved to achieve grudging admission of the most obvious deficit-related diseases like scurvy and beriberi. The profit motive is, once again, the criterion for this lack of interest. Except for the farmer, there are no large profits in unpatentable trace minerals. There will always be more profit in treating symptoms with drugs rather than offering nutritional alternatives. This implies no suggestion that individual doctors are intentionally callous or mercenary; it is simply that they are often the victims of institutionalized commercial relationships with drugs rather than offering nutritional alternatives. This implies no suggestion that individual doctors are intentionally callous or mercenary; it is simply that they are often the victims of institutionalized commercial relationships with drug companies and medical schools that are not nutrition focused. There is no financial motivation for medical schools to offer better nutritional training. Ocean again, the soil-science parallel is clear. 

Again, except for the farmer, there are no large profits in balanced, re-mineralized soils. When soils are balanced mineral-wise, N-P-K and pesticide requirements are minimized. It is not just the reduction in ongoing fertilizer requirements which attacks the chemical suppliers profits, but also the associated reduction in the need for toxic rescue chemicals. Herbicides, pesticides and fungicides are profit leaders in today's agriculture. But, there is much more to the story.

The link between soil health and human health is so poorly understood that the majority of the millions of consumers, who created a multi-BILLION dollar market taking vitamin and mineral supplements every day, have no idea of the real reason that they need this nutritional support. Often popular mythology and "health" writers recommend for symptoms with the same lack of foundational knowledge as doctors prescribing drugs. How would you have responded to the following multi-choice question prior to reading this article?

Question: What is the root cause of human health problems?

  1. Toxins and pollution in our modern environment
  2. The degeneration associated with aging.
  3. Over consumption of sugary and fatty junk foods.
  4. Increasing stress on a personal level and increasing violence on an interpersonal level.
  5. The de-mineralization of our agricultural soils.

In the past, less than 1% of readers would have answered correctly {i.e., option (e)}. All of the other choices listed above have some validity, but the soil is the starting point for mineral nutrition. The other options are also nutrition-related, and an explanation of this nutritional link follows.

(a) Toxins and pollution
Many of the pollutants that create health problems are toxic residues associates with pest, disease and weed control in agriculture, but they are a secondary rather than a primary cause of problems. Just as we require the full spectrum of minerals to support our immune systems, plants require the same mineral fuel to develop optimal pest and disease resistance. In the past, the more depleted the soil, the more the need for toxic chemical control.

(b) The degeneration associated with aging
All species have a "genetic potential" or upper limit for longevity: dogs- 23 years; horses- 32 years; chimpanzee- 52 years, and man- 120 years! Anthropologists have identified five known societies that have attained this maximum human genetic potential. All five cultures have one thing in common: They are all highland communities in sheltered mountain valleys where their water source is derived from glacial melt. This mineral-rich opaque-colored water is widely known as "glacial milk". These metallic minerals are fed to that society's cultivated plants, which convert them to organic colloidal minerals that are 98% available to humans. It is this mineral-rich diet that is the main secret to their health and longevity. Our traditional medical culture's use of drugs, vaccines, antibiotics, steroids and transplants has added years, but, most often at a terrible cost in quality of life. These five cultures exhibit none of the degenerative diseases that plague our aging population- their soil health equates to plant, human and animal health.

(c) Over consumption of sugary and fatty junk foods
This western failing is perhaps the most obvious and insidious symptom of our mineral malnourishment. Salt and sugar are the main food items the body seems to crave when it is screaming for minerals. The "junk food" manufacturers are well aware of these cravings, as all snack food and the majority of processed food contains massive quantities of these two additives. You may well ask the question: "Why do our bodies mislead us with salt and sugar cravings when we really require minerals?" The answer is complex, but a simple explanation is possible: God's original plan called for many fruits and vegetables to be sweet tasting and to satisfy our bodies' needs.

There is a direct link between plant sugar levels and mineral content. Our bodies respond to a sweet taste because there is supposed to be an associated mineral reward. Unfortunately, junk food doesn't contain the mineral payload. We are temporarily satisfied until the body realizes the deceit. Then the craving return and we "snack on the junk" in an ongoing, unfulfilled odyssey until premature death or serious illness intervenes.

Salt is a slightly different scenario. Contrary to popular medical opinion salt is critical and essential food additive. It is, after all, the first thing they give you when admitted to a hospital's emergency room as it allows the medication that follows to pass through your cell walls. Sea salt, not table salt which is sodium chloride, is a highly mineralized material with numerous health benefits. Rock salt also contains a significant mineral component. Rock salt is a substantial dietary component in all of the five cultures we spoke of earlier that have achieved their genetic potential. And the members of those cultures take in minerals at a level that is dozens of times higher than levels recommended by the medical establishment. The body does not mislead us when we crave for salt. Full-spectrum sea salt has always been a major source of minerals in our diet. It has only been since we changed to iodized sodium chloride that "salt" has become a high-sodium liability. The craving associated with junk food indulgence are actually examples of a phenomenon called Pica.

Pica refers to irresistible cravings that are satisfied by inappropriate food or non-food sources. The medical literature catalogs numerous bizarre instances of children eating ants, ash, lead paint, leather, raw grain and lizards, in a subconscious attempt to address deficits in their mineral-starved bodies. In our society the Pica phenomenon is characterized by a craving for more socially acceptable substitutes, but these sweet and salty carbohydrate snacks still qualify as nutritionally inappropriate, non-food items. This deficit-charged Pica phenomenon remains more prevalent than ever, but chocolate bars, potato chips, and French fries replace the more bizarre alternatives.

(d) Increasing personal stress and increasing interpersonal violence
Numerous laboratory studies exist, which catalog increases in physical and psychological stress associated with mineral deficiencies. Just as stress resistance in plants is reduced in depleted soils, the mineral depleted human body and brain cannot handle the same levels of anxiety and pressure that a minerally-satisified person can. The increase in social violence is another symptom to a mineral deficient society. In his book "Rare Earth's Forbidden Cures", Dr. Joel D. Wallach, who has been nominated for the Nobel Prize for his link between selenium deficiency and cystic fibrosis, cites numerous examples of sociopathic teenage violence, which he believes could have been averted with a sugar-free diet and daily supplementation of the 90 plus essential minerals (plus vitamins, amino acid and essential fatty acids). 

Dr. Wallach argues that the reason for the high incidence of teenage violence amongst 14 to 18-year old males is related to an explosive mix of the male hormone testosterone, mineral deficiencies and high sugar intake (colas, ice creams, sweets and boxed cereals). Economic background is always considered an important variable in the predisposition toward violent crime, but analysis reveals that the high-starch, high-sugar, low-mineral food intake of the average American individual is the underlying causative factor. Dr. Wallach believes that the murderous riots in Haiti and the ethnic cleansing horrors in Rwanda, Somalia and, more recently, Serbia, can all be directly linked to sociopathic violence associated with mass mineral deficiency.

The problem with a high sugar diet is related to the fact that excess sugar intake increases mineral losses through sweating and urination by 300%. We crave sugar because we are mineral deficient, but we satisfy this craving with snack food- we are actually further increasing our original problem. A vicious cycle begins which can sometimes end in vicious, anti-social behavior. It is increasingly apparent that the answer to this dilemma lies not in diet drinks and such which substitute chemical sweeteners for sugar, some of which many researchers believe poisonous, but in eating plants grown in remineralized soils or hydroponically with the full spectrum of minerals.

(e) The de-mineralization of our agricultural soils

Mineral malnourishment is now a major health problem, and a growing social problem, as our soils have been stripped of the mineral diversity needed to ensure our health and well-being. When used in lieu of currently marketed 3-6 mineral fertilizers, OceanSolution, identified and discussed on page 6, provides growers and their crops with all of the missing elements that have been stripped from our soils- perfectly balanced as the Creator intended.

*This short listing of current human disease has purposely not included what is probably the most serious afflicting our western civilization. This brief outline of a tremendous but easily overcome difficulty is the subject for another paper. The subject is about how dramatically this same mineral deficiency that affects our life systems also, and more intensely affects the human mind, the decreasing ability to think clearly, to distinguish good from evil, to discern the relationship of cause and consequence, etc. as revealed in the continuing decline of scholastic achievement and interpersonal and social behavior.

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