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Signature Fertilizer Products with Ocean Minerals
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When OceanGrown was founded over 10 years ago, we only manufactured one product: OceanSolution Pure.

OceanSolution Pure is THE ONLY liquid -100% organic- fertilizer supplement to be comprised of all 90 naturally occurring ocean-mined minerals, nothing else! It is the primary ingredient to all of our other proucts and is listed approved for organic production by OMRI. We manufactured it using a proprietary process from pure, deep ocean water with the goal of bringing Dr. Maynard Murray’s revolutionary research to the public. 

OceanSolution Pure

Specialty Fertilizer Products with Ocean Minerals 
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Recently, we have begun to blend our cornerstone product OceanSolution PURE with added (certified organic) Nitrogen and Potassium to help with growth, as well as certified organic black strap molasses, to bring you our OceanSolution Home & Garden 3-0-3! It stimulates microbes to restore depleted soils, while providing even more micro and macro nutrients. Great for use in landscapes!

We have also begun blending our cornerstone product OS PURE, with added (certified organic) Nitrogen and Potassium to produce our OceanSolution 2-0-3. It provides slightly more macro nutrients to encourage health in plants and is great for Hydroponic use!

Home & Garden 3-0-3

OceanSolution 203 Front Label

 OceanSolution 2-0-3


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Plants enjoy daily nourishment just as people do.  Fertigation is a process of applying diluted fertilizer through any means of irrigation to feed plants slowly during every watering.  Thanks to our partnership with EZ-Flo, we can offer a simple and cost effective way to feed your edibles, lawns, and landscapes.

EZFlo EZFlow 1 Gal Hose End Fertigation Irrigation SprayerEZFlo EZFlow In Line Ground Fertigation Irrigation System

Hose Bib Units  -  In-Line Units   

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In addition to our core sea nutrient organic fertilizer products for plant health, we at OceanGrown also offer many other supplemental products to enhance your experience with our OceanSolution Products. Easily apply our organic fertilizer products around your home using our hose-end sprayer, learn more about the history of our technology through our books Sea Energy Agriculture and Fertility from the Ocean Deep, and much more.


TDS Meter


Hose End Sprayer


Growing your own living foods


Living Foods


Sea Energy

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