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  TDS Meter - $25.00

A TDS Meter indicates the amount of Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) in a solution. The unit used by the TDS meters is parts per million (PPM). For example, a TDS reading of 1 ppm would indicate there is 1 milligram of dissolved inorganic solids in each 1 liter of water.

For our experienced gardener we offer this TDS Meter.  This meter can be used  to dial in your application rates  to a precise measurement.  Please see our recommended dilution chart at the bottom of this section.

Your water and/or soil source may already be high in dissolved solids. This will influence the dilution ratio that you should be using. If your water is relatively pure (recommended) then you will be getting all the elements in the proportion of natural seawater. First measure your water source. Second measure your soil (add ½ cup soil in a jar and mix with ½ cup distilled or RO water). Stir take reading with TDS meter. Add up your total dissolved solids from your water source and soil. So if you water is 200 PPM and your soil is 200 PPM, that would be a total of 400 PPM. You then subtract this from your OceanSolution mixture, say 2000 PPM for wheat grass; you would then mix your OceanSolution to 1600 PPM to get your Total Dissolved Solids reading of 2000 PPM. You never want to create a mixture of more than what is on the chart in TOTAL from your water, soil and OceanSolution mixture!

Using the PPM chart and your TDS meter, prepare a solution in the lower end of the published range.

Feed your plants according to the directions given above for your soil type -- more frequently for sandy soils, and very infrequently for heavy clays.

Click Here to Download: TDS Dilution Chart

  Hose Attached Chlorine Filter - $49.95

The OceanSolution All Purpose Home & Garden Hose Filter easily attaches to either end of a garden hose to provide fresh, pure, clean and decontaminated water for all of your outdoor water needs.

Our Hose Filter removes or greatly reduces thousands of common water contaminants and hazards including chlorine, lead, arsenic, mercury, DDT (and other pesticides), hydrogen sulfide (rotten egg smell), VOC’s & organic contaminants, dissolved metals and scale causing minerals.

Removes 90% of chlorine and 98% of metals for up to 40,000 gallons.

  Select 'N Spray - No Pre-Mix Hose End Sprayer - $18.00

No premixing required. Simply set metering dial for required diluting, the concentrate and water will mix automatically. Metering dial adjusts up to 11 dilution rates from 1 to 21 teaspoons. Sprays up to 132 gallons on a single fill.

  • Durable, chemical resistant, rustproof polymer construction includes a spray pattern dial 

  • Mixing dial eliminates confusion; each setting shown in teaspoons, tablespoons and ounces per gallon 

  • 15 specially selected mixture settings meet the needs of most popular garden treatments -
    1-1/2 teaspoons per gallon to 8 ounces per gallon 

  • Swivel nut for upright hose attachment; Built-in anti-siphon device prevents back flow 

  • Additional mixing "off" setting for watering or rinsing plants sprayed in error.


Sea Energy Agriculture - by Maynard Murray - $16.00

Sea Energy Agriculture recounts Murray's experiments and presents his astounding conclusions. The work of this eco-pioneer was largely ignored during his lifetime, and his book became a lost classic —out-of-print for more than 25 years. Now this rare volume is once again available, with a new foreword and afterword by the founder of Acres U.S.A., Charles Walters.

Maynard Murray was a medical doctor who researched the crucial importance of minerals —especially trace elements— to plants and animals. Beginning in 1938 and continuing through the 1950s, Dr. Murray used sea solids —mineral salts remaining after water is evaporated from ocean water— as fertilizer on a variety of vegetables, fruits and grains. His extensive experiments demonstrated repeatedly and conclusively that plants fertilized with sea solids and animals fed sea-solid-fertilized feeds grow stronger and more resistant to disease.


Fertility From the Deep - by Charles Walters - $20.00

With the recent republication of Dr. Maynard Murray's Sea Energy Agriculture, readers rediscovered the forgotten legacy of an eco-ag pioneer. Murray's idea —that ocean water contains a concentrated, perfect balance of trace minerals in bio-available form— seems almost as revolutionary today as when he introduced it three decades ago. In this fascinating book, Charles Walters examines Murray's career and the amazing successes that growers have experienced with his methods, as well as further developments in this technology by creative experimenters. Using hard data obtained in the field, Walters demonstrates that sea-solids fertilizers produce stress-resistant plants and food with naturally extended shelf life and vastly increased nutrient levels. Both an amazing narrative and a practical guide for improving soil and crop health, Fertility from the Ocean Deep is a must-read for everyone interested in the cutting edge of sustainable agriculture.

 Growing your own living foods


Growing Your Own Living Foods - by Brian Hetrich - $19.95

With the recent republication of Dr. Maynard Murray's Sea Energy Agriculture, readers rediscovered the forgotten legacy Medicinally and nutritionally, sprouts have a long history as a "health" food.  Sprouts are 10 to 30 times more nutritious than the best vegetables because they are baby plants in their prime.  At this stage of their growth they have the greatest concentration of nutrients then at any other part in their life.  Sprouts are highly digestible and release their nutrients easily due to their delicate cell walls and abundance of enzymes.

Brian Hetrich takes us step by step through the sprouting experience pulling from his many years as an educator, Master Grower, and raw food chef.  As an integral part of the Hippocrates Health Institute in West Palm Beach, Florida, Brian has encouraged and taught people from all over the world how to grow sprouts and wheatgrass.

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