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Today, we are more aware of our environment than ever before! With our children and pets playing in our yards and running here and there, the thoughts of pesticide exposures and the dangers that synthetic fertilizers may pose run through our minds. With our organic fertilizers filled with ocean minerals and nutrients you now have a choice! 

OceanSolution™ organic fertilizer is an all-natural sustainable way to provide your landscape plants, lawns, gardens, and indoor plants the nutrients they need while reducing and eliminating some of these risks.

OceanSolution™, an easily applied liquid organic fertilizer, designed not only to provide plants immediate nutrients but also to act as a bio-catalyst that helps to renew and revive the soils surrounding your plant material.

  • Safe for ALL plant types - including your vegetable gardens and fruit trees.
  • Works within the plant and the soil to naturally enhance your growing experience.
  • All Natural Fertilizer – No synthetic ingredients, just rich minerals and nutrients from the sea.

Over time, your plants will begin to maximize their genetic potential as they benefit from both the trace nutrients from OceanSolution™ and the released “latent” nutrients from revived soils. As your plants become naturally healthy and vibrant, they will also have an increase in Systemic Acquired Resistance (SAR). The healthier a plant is, the better it can withstand common stresses due to disease, insects, water and heat stresses.  The result would be a lesser need to apply harmful pesticide applications.  

OS organic fertilizer with rich minerals and nutrients from the sea is a safe choice for the environment and does not require supplemental irrigation to “water in” your application. Therefore, you are free to Spray and Play!

Are you under a fertilizer ordinance banning or restricting use? 

For our customers that live under a Nitrogen and/or Phosphorus ban restricting their application during the year, we have a newly developed organic fertilizer product just for you!  Our N-P Free product (OMRI Listed for Organic Production) has been formulated for use during these periods .  N-P Free will  maintain your landscapes as it allows you to safely and legally apply nutrients to your plants.   

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