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To obtain qualitative and quantitative data on the benefits of using OceanSolution as a sole growth nutrient for crops grown in a variety of media/soil, indoors and out. Dr. Murray experimented extensively in order to determine proper concentrations and appropriate applications of OceanSolution for a variety of individual crops. Furthermore, his trials attempted to measure the nutritional and health advantages to animals and humans that consumed crops fed with OceanSolution.  

Control crops were fed with the modern NPK-based fertilizers. Experimental crops were fed OceanSolution in varying concentrations with supplemental amounts of NPK added for hybrid plants  

Growth rates and uniformity, yields, disease-resistance, water usage, and nutritional content were compared both by laboratory measurement assay and by direct observation. Crops grown with OceanSolution showed marked improvements over those grown conventionally, with regard to all of the above parameters.  

Clearly, there are significant differences between the results obtained with conventional NPK-based fertilizers and those obtained with OceanSolution.. By offering a buffet (full spectrum) of nutrients as provided by OceanSolution, the plant has the freedom (genetic permission) to select or reject elements in order to maximize its life force potential.



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