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Simple and Cost Effective Fertigation Systems

OceanGrown is pleased to announce our partnership with EZ-FLO to bring you systems that can deliver our products to your plants every time you irrigate. EZ-Flo has a 20 year history manufacturing fertigation systems of unsurpassed quality, reliability, and ease of use.  From the smallest home garden, to entire residential or commercial landscapes, to city parks, sports fields, golf courses, or acres of crops, we have a system available for virtually every type of application. Since OceanSolution products are concentrated liquids ready for dilution, fertigation is a perfect choice, and we are sure you'll agree.

Cost Effective Cheap Fertigation Irrigation Systems for Landscapes

  • Simple to install and maintain (either irrigation system or hose)
  • Apply OceanSolution nutrients every time you irrigate.
  • Effecient and dependable way to apply OceanSolution to your landscape
  • System comes with everything you need to get started quickly

Want a system that easily works with your hose?

Maybe our Hose Bib Units are for you.  Designed to replace those bulky hose end spayers, they can easily be inserted between your spigot and hose. Once attached, you can fill the container and easily apply up to 2.5 gallons of concentrate on your landscape and garden using any simple hose attachment. In addition, these feeders can also be installed on the non-pressurized side of a standard irrigation system.


EZ Flo Flow Irrigation Fertigation Systems

Hose Bib SystemsEZFlo EZFlow 1 Gal Hose End Fertigation Irrigation Sprayer
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In-Line SystemsEZFlo EZFlow In Line Ground Fertigation Irrigation System
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EZ Hose Fertigation Injector Close Up   

Have large areas to cover and want to use your existing irrigation system?

Our Main Line Units easily attach directly to your existing in-ground sprinkler and drip irrigation systems.  Every time your irrigations systems run, you can release small doses of OceanSolution automatically.  These units can feed through rotors, pop-up sprayers, and drip irrigation zones without the need to make any adjustments or nozzle changes. Water flow and water pressure have been accounted for in the design of our easy to adjust settings. Additionally, you may be able to use one of our Hose Bib Units for applications on the non-pressurized side of a standard irrigation system.


In Line EZ Fertigation Irrigation System


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