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How is your organic fertilizer made?
We use a proprietary method to extract mineral elements from pure deep ocean water. The product is processed and concentrated far offshore away from toxic coastal land run-off.

Are you certified for organic production?
Yes, we offer OMRI Listed products approved by OMRI for organic production.

Can your organic fertilizer be mixed with other fertilizers?
Yes but we do not recommend using chlorinated water which can kill beneficial bacteria. We recommend that you only mix what you plan on using within 24 - 48 hours.

What is the dilution rate of your organic fertilizer?
Please see the directions of use section of our product labels.  You can begin by clicking here to go to our product overview page. 

Do you take the salt out?

No. Salt is a negative factor only when too concentrated. In the hospital, the first thing they do to treat you is hook your bloodstream up to a saline (salt water) solution. The reason for this is that it lowers osmotic pressure to help get minerals into our cells, and it works the same for plants. The key is that our fertilizers keep salt in a balanced ratio consistent with what exists freely in nature. After correctly diluting our product before using, salt has a positive and not a negative impact on plant health. 

Can your organic fertilizer be used on flowers?
Yes it can. OceanSolution fertilizers provide a perfect nutrient foundation for flowers, especially those you have a hard time flowering. 

Can your organic fertilizer damage plants if used too often or too much?
No. Wheat grass and sprout growers often apply three or more times a day for the entire growing cycle. It is safe provided the recommended dilution rates are followed.

Could you explain how acidic or alkaline the soil becomes after the application of your organic fertilizer products?
OceanSolutionwill help with balancing the pH of the soil because it is a PH buffer (neutral). The reason there is so much concern about the pH at all is because plants are severely malnourished lacking mineral density, making them very sensitive to everything: heat, cold, wind, acidity, bugs, fungus, etc.

Why is OceanSolution™ considered an inorganic form of nutrients (chemically speaking)?

Plants can only absorb in-organic elements. Although we produce certified organic fertilizers, those fertilizers are in a chemically in-organic form (ionic) allowing for maximum absorption. The confusion in the terminology is due to society's definition of "organic" versus chemistry's definition. We do not alter the chemical form of the minerals therefore keeping the product completely natural.

How often should your organic fertilizer be applied?
For home gardens, as often as you like: weekly or monthly as your garden’s health indicates. Commercial growers are recommended to call us for a custom program as all crops have different needs. Different regions, soils, irrigation and weather conditions may suggest a program that would be especially beneficial to your particular situation.

Where is your organic fertilizer manufactured?
All of our fertilizers are processed at sea and brought into port for final preparation and distribution.

Are there any other uses besides being applied onto plants?
There are many other uses including: pre-soak starter for hydro-seeding, as an animal feed supplement (sprayed on pasture, top-dressed on feed, and/or in the feed water) for poultry, cervids, equine, swine, cattle, sheep, goats, dogs and cats, helping start and promote salt water aquariums, and in cosmetic products.

How long is the shelf life and how is your organic fertilizer stored?
Our products are built on a true solution and the shelf life, if left in the original container, is at least 5 years.  

How much does your organic fertilizer cost?
When annual cost is compared to traditional/synthetic fertilizer programs it is almost always less. Reason being, traditional/synthetic fertilizers are never highly optimized by the plant and significant loss occurs. Plants also require more protective chemical when they are only fertilized with synthetics due to the poor health of the plant's immune system. Most commercial customers will start using the product as an amendment and slowly reduce other costly inputs as their soils become more mineralized.

What is the difference between OceanSolution™ and similar products?
We applaud all products that attempt to add missing minerals to our food supply, and Dr. Murray's work has touched many who want to help. However, we are the owners of Dr. Murray's 30 years of original research work and test farm. In order to make his work available to crops in the real world, more work was needed to keep the exact proportion of minerals available, after shipping, to the crop. While many claim to have all the minerals, we have spent years researching and developing a proprietary method of ensuring that all the needed nutrition was available to all the crops all the time, no matter where in the world it was shipped. Our process is markedly different and unique to us. It is not allowed to dry into a salt which, when re-added to water will usually cause mineral drop-out since all minerals do not dissolve at the same rate. Many ‘me too’ products are harvested from polluted coastal beaches, tidal pools and streams. Many try to eliminate or adjust the salt content in the belief that any salt is bad and use chemicals to precipitate the salts out of their product. OceanSolution™ is shipping quantities ranging from quarts to multiple tanker loads of OS all over the world to the largest growers of commodity crops, high-value table crops, citrus, and food packers who cannot risk switching from their old methods unless a better way is proven. Home gardens, shrubs and trees can now benefit from the same knowledge and reduce the use of chemicals around your home, family, pets and wild-life.

Is your organic fertilizer made from kelp?
No. Kelp generally only contains around forty elements. It benefits from the additional minerals in seawater, but its genetic permission allows the uptake of fewer minerals. The minerals in OS are immediately available, often in seconds, and, unlike manure, kelp and other organic fertilizers it does not need to decompose in order to be useful to the plant.

I use manure and other natural fertilizers. Aren't I OK?
While most grasses are among the few plants than can uptake all known minerals, few grasses are that healthy.....most have been fallow or had little added nutrition for years. If the grass was deficient when eaten and then the grazing stock took most of the nutrition from the grass in its digestive process, how much beneficial material is left in the manure for your plants? It is certainly safe as a soil amendment, but most manures have only a few remaining minerals to spare for the new plant's nutrition. After spreading, the manure has to break down to become available to the plant and in those days, and weeks much more will percolate, leach or run-off before the soil can carry any to the roots.

Foliar feeding? Why?
More and more big crop growers are recognizing that roots are better at bringing moisture into the plant than nutrition. Studies at the University of Michigan used radio active isotopes to track the same amount of nutrition applied to the soil and to the leaves: 10% or less of applied nutrition applied to soils actually gets taken up by the plant. 90% to 95% fed directly to green plant tissue in a liquid becomes available and is systemically absorbed and is "rain fast" (can't leach away): A big cost savings, better nutrition, less run-off.

Can I take the OceanSolution™ internally?
OceanSolution does not recommend that you take the product internally. Minerals in a metallic form are only 8 to 10 percent available by the cells where as plant based minerals are 98% available. It is always best not to bypass nature and get your minerals directly from plants.

Do you have a solid version of your organic fertilizer?
OceanSolution™ is only available in liquid form. The reason is that the ponds for drying salts are open to both known and unknown environmental contamination, and the drying process itself, prior to any washing of the salt, naturally separates and leaches out various minerals and alters the basic mineral ratios. Rain washing or natural purification (which occurs even when there is no rain) also takes place, various elements, mainly magnesium, absorb moisture from the air then dissolve, separate and flow out dissipating into the ground. Once again, this changes the ratio and constitution of the salt.

Do you have any university testing?
Yes we do, currently we are conducting university trials in agriculture and turf-grass.  Please visit our Testing and Research page to see an overview of our latest tests.

How does the oil spill affect your organic fertilizer?
We only harvest the minerals far off the Atlantic coast in deep ocean water. Furthermore, every batch of product is laboratory tested for 70 of the most common contaminates before entering final production.

How quickly will I see the results?
Results are very specific to the crop, plant, time of year, and equipment used. Generally, results can be seen within a few weeks, but optimal results are experienced over time.

Does OceanSolution™ replace traditional N-P-K fertilizers?
Yes it can, but some plants may require increased amounts of macro nutrients depending on the genetics and growing conditions. Most customers use our fertilizer products as either a supplement or amendment rather then a stand-alone. 

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