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From: Jerry Jones (Rockledge, FL) 
May 2014

Just wanted let you know the excellent results we have experienced since we began using Ocean Solution 3-0-3. I purchased the Fertigation system and have it hooked to my irrigation system for the garden. Since adding Ocean Solution to our vegetables the growth has been excellent. I have no words to describe how delicious the tomatoes taste. They are so sweet. I can honestly say I have never had tomatoes taste this good. I have begun using the 3-0-3 in my hydroponic system and so far the results have been great. Attached are some photos for your viewing. I included two window boxes with flowers, one has been watered with Ocean Solution and the other has not. You can see the difference. You have me as a customer for life.

Thanks Again

Jerry's Garden   Fertigation Unit   Young Flowers with OS  Flowers without OS  Tomatoes and Peppers

OceanSolution Testing Update - June 2013
Received a call from a farmer who is testing OceanSolution on caggage.  The Farmer said, "you need to get out here and see these cabbages before someone takes them all thinking they are basketballs."

OceanSolution Test Basketball Sized Cabbage

From: Tony Anastasia (Monterey CA)
July 2012
    Hi my name is Tony.  I would just like to say I am in no way shape or form working for ocean solutions.  I'm just a grower, just like you if you’re reading this.  I've been growing for about 15 years now and have used most products on the market, but last year I was introduced to OceanSolution Pure and had outstanding results.  Last year I couldn't say for sure HEY OceanSolution is amazing there were simply way too many factors that could have run into play.  So after many conversations with friends and family I thought this year for shits and giggles I'm gonna take all the guess work out and go start to finish growing tomatos.  So in the beginning of March I picked up an early girl tomato plant cut 8 clones in a bubble cloner which I made out of a cookie container and fish bowl pump.  If you know about cloning you know I created a 8 genetic copies of that plant.  Right away I started spraying 4 with ocean solutions 4 with regular water.  The ones with ocean solutions grew roots in 10 days the one with just water 12.  After about 20 days i put them in pint container in sunshine #4 soil.  All this time I foliar fed 4 of them twice a week with ocean solutions under the leaves.  I put all of them in the ground in an organic compost I made with worm castings, bat guano perlite seabird/chicken guano.  I put about 6 inches of sunshine #4 soil on top of the soil because I didn't want to burn out the root structure.  They were all watered with the same water from a well with a ph level of 6.0.  ALL THE PLANTS WERE WATERED THE SAME AMOUNT TREATED THE SAME except 4 were strayed twice a week with OceanSolution.  Well a pictures worth a thousand words its June 19th the ones i sprayed with ocean solutions are all about 4 and a half foot tall the others are about 3 and don't look as healthy.  For the most part these are still in veg state so I'm looking forward for them to go into reproduction because there's no reason for them not to get 6 and a half 7 foot tall loaded with tomatoes. At the end of the year I will repost with final results and pictures. 
     I grow watermelon, cantaloupe, strawberries, corn pumpkins, and squash and this product works wonders on everything I have and will recommend this product to everyone.  BTW ever since I've been using OceanSolution on my squash I haven't had any problems with powdery mildew, which is crazy to me because I live in California where humidity can reach 50%.
    Whenever you foliar feed make sure make sure u do it 30 min after sunrise or 30 min before sunset to get the most out of it due to plant being able to absorb at its best.  
Thanks and happy growing.

Darryl Keys - on behalf of his daughter Eleanor
November 2011
1. Eleanor gained 1st place in her Middle School Science Project Entry ‘The Use of Ocean Solution as a Watering Medium and Its Impact on Plant Growth’ and will now advance to the regional finals in spring.
2. The tomato plants respectively received – daily ocean solution, ocean solution twice a week, ocean solution once a week, 50/50 ocean solution with fertilizer (daily, twice a week and once a week) and water alone. The plants which used just fertilizer all died just after germination (in all frequencies – daily, twice a week and once a week).
3.  The plants which used Ocean Solution (daily, twice a week and once a week) all appear more healthy and robust
4.  Ocean Solution plants displayed the tallest plants, the larger number of leaves, the biggest leaves having the largest surface areas, earlier flowering and budding with more flowers and buds and finally, the only ones at this stage to have tomatoes growing. Daily use of Ocean Solution has resulted in the best in all of the above categories with the exception of leaf area (where Ocean Solution twice a week saw larger leaves). We have extensive data and graphing relating to definitive measurements of all of the above categories and these will be included in the final report. We also have an extensive number of photographs taken through the whole process.

    So, even at this stage, it is very clear that Ocean Solution has a significant impact on the growth of these plants and it would appear to result in earlier maturity. The fruits are still growing on the plants and are still not ripe, but certainly on those using Ocean Solution daily, this is not far off.
(A copy of the final report is attached to the right, and we are happy t report that Eleanor placed 4th in the Junior Botany Division in the Florida State Science Fair. She also won a special award for the quality of her data analysis!) 

From: David M. Sproules
Carmichael's Restaurant
Dear OceanGrown:
    After first having met you and your partners, I have become more convinced each time I deal with your products that they are superior to anything I have experienced. As you know, I have built a business with Carmichael's Gourmet Restaurant in Sarasota as chef and co-owner over the past four years, and I have attended numerous national and international food shows. With continuous exposure to various qualities of food, and having won the National Gourmet Chef competition last year, I feel my evaluation of superior food products is of some merit. With many years in this business, I say without hesitation that your herbs and vegetables are the best in quality, taste, appearance and shelf life of any that I have ever seen. Your method of growing food in ocean water is so unique and ecologically sound. 

David M. Sproules
Carmichael's Restaurant 

From: Chip Coble (Oceanside, CA)
Date: May 2009
    "I purchased 5 corn plants from the garden center at Wal-Mart, the corn measured 4 inch's in height when purchased.
    Soil condition --- Hard pack clay and very dry dirt at time of planting. Time frame of transplant-- 4/20/2009 with standard potting soil with no additives (No NPK).  I applied OceanSolution to 2 of the 5 plants one week after transplant 4/27/2009, and started seeing results within 5 days. I water them the same every other day.
    It is now approximately one month later and, just to give a height example, I am 6'4 and the OceanSolution corn is as tall as my rib cage and the non OceanSolution corn is only at knee height."

From: Tammy Soik (Hillman, MI)
Date: February 2009
    "The over use of land without mineral replacement has been a personal pet peeve of mine. As a nurse, I know the importance of lack of nutrients in the body. Owning land, I know the importance of getting nutrients into soil. Several years ago I borrowed a book from my chiropractor's library. It was Dr.Murray's story. I researched the subject more and decided to try OceanSolution on my produce garden. I had excellent results. Abundant crops grew. I had a decrease in weeds, spoilage, and nasty bugs. I had increased crops. I sold and gave away all I could and still had more. Vegetables kept longer without spoilage. I rotated my garden to a different plot and started over. My husband put in a hay field utilizing the garden site and adjoining land. The difference in nutriton became obvious as the hay began to grow. The land with several years of proper nutrients had fewer weeds. We continue to use OceanSolution. I mix it with my potting soil and also apply it to my garden. It is applied to our hay fields to provide nutrition needed for animals and ultimately people." 

From: A. Newhouse (California)
Dear OceanGrown Team,
    We did a 1/2 acre garden for the first time this year and our Sweet Keeper squash averaged 12 to 23 lbs. in size with excellent taste and color. Typically these are 8 to 10 lbs. in size.
    We are also trying it in our Hydroponics system and so far it seems the salad greens are greener, tastier and hardier than in commercial hydroponics solution. We did have to add KNO3 it seems as we are using Fl seeds. It was a mix up as the source was thought to be a heritage store.
Thank You!
A. Newhouse 

From: J. Lack (Canada)
    Now that the weather is lousy, I thought I would write to you with some of my experiences with the OceanGrown solution I bought earlier last year.
We are a mixed farm, certified organic of some 28 acres in southern British Columbia, growing some 37 crops on a seasonal basis - anything from asparagus to zucchini. We grow in the field and in 2 unheated greenhouses (5,400 sq ft.).
    All crops in the greenhouse (except spinach) are grown from transplants, and all crops for the field are direct sown. We are low tech, hands on people, and the farm is worked by my wife and myself and we make a good living.
    I make no pretence at being a scientist, and the reason for trying OceanGrown solution is that it just seemed 'correct'. I was brought up in the Far East, and subject to typhoons (hurricanes to you) and always the best crops in the low lying areas were always planted after an inundation by storm surge. So we tried it on a few things this year: 

We grow lettuce in the spring and early summer - about 5,000. We've done the same for a few years so we knew that the optimum trans-planting / seeding schedule for us was 25 days. We use 128 cell trays with soil less organic mix and surface sow seeds, spray misting them to ensure contact with the damp soil.. Each tray is covered by a clear plastic dome and placed under lights with temperature of 60n/70d. This year we decided to use Ocean Solution - both to moisten the soil and to mist the seeds. We were screwed!. The seeds surface germinated in 18 to 24 hours, a day quicker than normal, and we had to transplant in 14 to 16 days. This allowed us to grow one extra crop of lettuces this spring. However, maybe a stress health warning on the bottle would be advisable, as we had to completely reschedule our planting program on the fly this year. In addition, all plants were drip irrigated and every 2 weeks OceanGrown was applied. We used the same seed as the previous year, and we definitely noticed an increase in marketable heads (4.9%), an increase in average head weight (3.1oz.), and a "cleaner" fresher taste. Bug damage was the same - maybe slightly less. Question: Would we use it again on this crop? Yes, the benefit was direct to our pocket to the tune of an extra $327 over the previous year in a year that had far worse growing conditions.  

We grow spinach for bagged leaf (about 8,000 bags) and a small amount for bunches. We tried OceanGrown on some of the spinach grown for leaf in the greenhouse this year. The variety was Tyee and it was direct sown 4 inches apart, 3 lines to a bed 14" wide, 95 ft long. All beds (5) were direct sown on the same day, all were drip irrigated and one bed in the middle was given OceanSolution at double concentration by watering can. Every 2 weeks we did the same. The OGT (OceanGrown Tyee) appeared above ground 3 days prior to the other 4 beds. We picked the OCT bed 10 days prior to the others. The other 4 beds were picked for leaf 3 times and the OGT bed 4 times before the plants started to show signs of bolting -interesting that they all started to bolt at the same time. Leaf yield per picking were similar so the extra picking for the OGT was 33%. (39.2 IBS.).
We also did the same for over wintered spinach - planted in October for picking (God willing) starting in February. Again the same seed, OceanGrown put down at planting on one bed, irrigated one in November, and not touched since. We grow without heat so we expect about 20% winter kill (this is Southern B.C.). To day is the 12th January. We have 4 beds with about a 5% winter kill (It's been a bit warmer this year), and the rest of the plants looking as we would expect them at this stage. However, the OGT bed requires picking and is being picked today, right in the middle of our one month off a year. Question: Will we use it again this year? Absolutely yes.... and all plants that have over wintered will be converted to OceanGrown plants as soon as I can put the stuff down.
    I was going to write about Radishes and Broccoli as well and the small test I did on the sheep pasture, but I've got to go and pick spinach.

From: Steve Isler
Date: May 2009
    "I picked out green beans of my garden this morning. You are looking at about 2-1/2 lbs. They were planted from seed 60 days ago. I have a couple of rows in my back yard, pretty much beach sand. I have been told that beans like new soil, they must. These are sprayed every two weeks with OceanSolution Pure. They really taste great." 


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