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OceanSolution™ contains all 90 naturally occurring mineral elements! Growers of all kinds can now instantly deliver the perfect balance of nutrients to every plant. 

  • Restores depleted soils

  • Boosts nutritional values

  • Enhances flavor drastically

  • Liquid for lightening fast absorption

  • Concentrated - making it cost efficient

  • 100% Organic

  • Eliminates the use of toxic chemicals COMPLETELY


Make the sustainable switch today!


"Since using OceanSolution, we can't keep her out of the tomatoes!"

-Juliana Trigoso

Customer Photo 1

"We had numerous bare spots on our lawn not anymore, our grass has never been greener or fuller!"

-Jakub Bialek

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"My cucumber plant grew taller than me and I am 6 feet tall"

-John Bolla Jr

Sunflower greens

"I used OceanSolution 2-0-3 on my sunflower greens this last grow and they were the best I've grown yet! So crunchy, flavorful and fresh."

- Kristin Piwowar

Customer Photo

"The best green peppers I ever ate were grown with OceanSolution. They were PHENOMENAL, just being cut you could smell them throughout the house!"

-Jordan Napolitano


"I LOVE that I never need to worry about chemicals or toxins with OceanSolution, my niece loves helping in the garden!"

-Rachel Lonergan

Customer Commitment

At OceanGrown we are committed to offering the absolutely best plant nutrition on the market without the use of any toxic chemicals. All of our products are OMRI listed at affordable prices, PLUS they are COMPLETELY safe for your family, pets and the environment! Our solutions are all proudly manufactured in the U.S, with strict organic standards. We also believe that the more our customers know, the better they grow, so our expert staff is on-hand to help you find the best and safest solutions for all your lawn, landscape, hydroponic and garden needs!

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